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Congressional Town Center and Residences is a modern urban residential experience. The architecture and design coupled with the perfect synergy of residential and leisure components make this property stand out among them all. Complete with open spaces and verdant environment, attractive central plaza, and recreational areas, it's indeed a new world that brings energy, comfort and relaxation all at the same time.

The great energy transcends from its vibrant location in the city to the development's commercial and leisure component. This development includes the fundamental elements of a unique lifestyle center with all the urban conveniences. Plus, it has a constant source of interest and inspiration. Discover something new every day. Shop for fresh finds, enjoy a casual al fresco or simply stroll within the exciting complex.

The Congressional Town Center’s main hook is its location but Sunwealth Land Development went one step further and made sure that the building itself has all of the features and amenities that will keep the residents happy and content even if they do not actually step off the compound.

Security is one of the main concerns of potential homeowners and in this regard, Congressional Town Center has you covered. All of the towers and the surrounding areas are constantly watched over by a team of highly trained security personnel. Aside from having guards roam the area, there are also CCTV cameras installed in the public areas of the condominium, so if there are any problems, the security team will be instantly alerted and dispatched to the problem area. In addition, there are also fire alarms and sprinkler systems installed in all of the condominium units and along the hallways and lobbies so you do not have to worry about fires and other emergencies.

You also have a couple of recreational areas in the Congressional Town Center for when you feel bored but you do not want to go outside of the condominium. If you cannot stand the heat of the Philippine sun, you can head on over to the pool area and take a dip in the cool water. The pool is located several stories above street level, so the noises and chatter from the road below cannot reach you as you try to relax. If you have young children, you can also take them to the pool with you because there is a separate wading pool for them to splash around and play with the other kids. If your kids are not in the mood for swimming, you can drop them off in the Playroom and just watch them play.

The Congressional Town Center also has its own Grand Lobby and Lounge, which is reminiscent of what you will find in high-end hotels. The lobby is like a receiving area, complete with large, comfortable couches where you can entertain your visitors and guests. If you are expecting a couple of people to drop by for an hour or so, you can just meet them in the lounge and have some coffee while you chat.

If you are a fitness buff, you no longer need to pay for a gym membership because there is already a complete gym in the Congressional Town Center. The gym has a separate room for free weights and weightlifting machines just in case you want to work on building your muscles. There is also a separate room for stationary bikes, treadmills, and other machines that you can use to work on your cardio. If you are more of a yoga person, then there is a separate room where professional trainers hold their classes.

The Congressional Town Center also has its own mini commercial center at the ground level of the towers. There, you will find a couple of fast food restaurants, a 24-hour convenience store, and other shops that provide other services that you might need.

Considering all of the facilities and amenities included in the Congressional Town Center, it is very possible for a resident to live quite happily without having to step one foot outside of the condominium’s compound.

  • Grand Lobby and Lounge
  • Palm Plaza (Al Fresco Spill Over)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Playroom
  • Landscaping with sprinkler system
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shops
  • Retail Boutiques & Shops
  • Service Centers
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